Monday, June 26, 2006


Save yourself all the effort, invest in Ad flyers

You wonder why some business companies have thier sales skyrocketing in just 2 weeks or less?
Investing in Advertising Flyers is one thing to consider when marketing your business, not only does it increase your sales, but it saves you time and so much effort which others would spend hours and weeks deciding on a marketing technique to employ for their company.
In designing your ads flyers, always make sure you talk about the common problems which your company solves rather than list the services you offer. An example of a liner which can go in your flyer is "Dirty hard to remove stains ?" - " We remove all types of old/new stains".
Another thing to take note of is the main headline. Remember that your flyer ad is not advertising you, rather, it is selling your business, so instead of using your name as the headliner, the services you offer would make a good headline and ofcourse that should be done with a catchy headliner.
The headliner should be such that anyone looking at the flyer would wonder what youa re actually doing and make them want to know more about your business.
In concluding your messsage on a flyer ad, never close passively, instead, motivate action, this way, a reader knows where he stands and what to do next.
Ads Flyers are one of the very few marketing resources which if designed properly can increase sales and audience.


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