Thursday, June 29, 2006


Designing, Printing and Folding Brochures

Designing, printing and folding your brochures can be quite challenge. For sure, a professional brochure printing company may be very happy to enlighten you about these things. However, a simple knowledge about designing, printing and folding types of your brochures won’t hurt. This will help you a great deal in knowing what specific brochures you want and need.

Well, first off, brochures are typically flat size of 8 ½”x11” or 11”x17”. These sizes can be manipulated into a specific number and types of folds depending on your choice of layout. The number and types of folds you opt for in your layout creates a variety of print communication in terms of look and function.

Folding a brochure will create an impact for the look, feel and functionality it is made for. Here, we can give you three folding option examples. One is the half-fold, which is a single fold that provides 4 pages; Tri-fold which has left and right flaps that open to reveal a message inside, and; the Z fold, which opens up like an accordion.

In printing brochures, it is would create masterful impact when printed in more than one color. We all know that people respond more positively to full color promotional products. So it will be a wise move on your part to employ catchy and colorful brochures that have balanced content and graphics or pictures.

To be sure that your customers would not be disappointed with your promotional brochures, let Los Angeles brochure printing help you with the works.


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