Thursday, March 16, 2006


Printing restrictions

With minimal time going back and forth between offices and network printers, employees can really have a lot more done. This is what offices have found out when they have set up well-located access to printers. Using this strategy, users can plan out their actions and manage time more effectively.
All thanks to secure printers.
Secure printers are not like ordinary workgroup printers. They are set up to accept encrypted print jobs and to let go of them only when the correct code is given. Another way is by putting these printers in strategic places that are monitored by management or other personnel.
This is a way of keeping unauthorized people from removing print jobs in the area without being noticed.
This kind of security has two basic advantages:
It guards confidential information from being accessed. And it permits shared printer administration and cost savings to be coupled with the security of a personal printer.
Overall, all printing activities around the company is monitored and noted. Thus eliminating worries of machines and equipments being overly used.
You cannot blame management from guarding their costs, now can you?


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