Friday, March 31, 2006


Why are printers cheap?

It is not the fact that there are a lot of them out in the market today. It is not also because of the newer and more modern ones that are being created. And it is not because the competition is getting stiffer.
The reason behind is that maintaining one can cost more than the initial payment you made. The most costly of all are inks.
When printers started lowering its prices, people thought that inks would follow. But it didn’t. So those who have bought their highly innovative printers have gotten more than they’ve bargained for. Maybe if they have only known how high ink prices are, they would not have bought it in the first place.
Getting into a deal that you think you can benefit should be thought hard first. You might be getting a bargain at the start but end up paying more in the long run. Try to consider other things your printer need so you will not be surprised with the expenses needed to maintain them.
This is why printers are cheap.

Friday, March 24, 2006


A nice change to something so perfect

The days of perfecting everything through the use of digital gadgetries is over. Nowadays, the trend is altering these digital images in order to produce a work of art that is far beyond the usual perfect images and pictures.

Whenever you chance upon a picture that appears out of shape and appearance, do not start thinking that your eyes are playing tricks on you. Also, you are not the only one who cannot comprehend what is being presented. This is just a new way of presenting digital art to you. That is, altered ones.

Altered digital is not only for pictures and images. If you are talented enough to make it work, you can have them in your brochures or postcards. Printing companies like Los Angeles Printing Company: Full Color Postcards Catalog Brochure have already seen the possibility of these altered digital becoming a trend in today’s world.

It is apparent that many people would have loved to see something different for a change. They may have been bored of the usual things they see. What better way to do it than altering some of your digital images?

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Printing restrictions

With minimal time going back and forth between offices and network printers, employees can really have a lot more done. This is what offices have found out when they have set up well-located access to printers. Using this strategy, users can plan out their actions and manage time more effectively.
All thanks to secure printers.
Secure printers are not like ordinary workgroup printers. They are set up to accept encrypted print jobs and to let go of them only when the correct code is given. Another way is by putting these printers in strategic places that are monitored by management or other personnel.
This is a way of keeping unauthorized people from removing print jobs in the area without being noticed.
This kind of security has two basic advantages:
It guards confidential information from being accessed. And it permits shared printer administration and cost savings to be coupled with the security of a personal printer.
Overall, all printing activities around the company is monitored and noted. Thus eliminating worries of machines and equipments being overly used.
You cannot blame management from guarding their costs, now can you?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


More than just a brochure

Getting yourself a brochure is not just about keeping up with the trend. Having a brochure may have aroused when you saw your competition displaying their stuff in one. So, not to be outdone, you actually had one printed without any thoughts but to be like what you saw.

As was mentioned in the article, there is more to just printing a brochure.

Planning for a brochure comes with a purpose. Los Angeles Brochures Printing knows about this. That is why, the brochures they make achieve more than just the pretty pictures and typical sales ad that people see over and over again.

How a brochure is designed and printed is how it is going to work. It does not have to have the perfect and the largest picture. What it should have is the ability to sell. Sell instantly or getting readers interested.

Since brochure are the most visible and the nearest you can get to a customer, then you have to make sure you get right through them. Your brochure can really do that. You just have to know how…