Monday, February 20, 2006


Printing tips your printer wouldn’t tell you

Majority of paper and ink companies are saying that their product are perfect because they dry instantly as opposed to others who does not. By that statement, they literally mean that they are dry to touch.

If ever you get to believe, and trust, what these manufacturers are saying, and want to frame that photo you just printed on your very reliable printer, here are some important points you have to remember just to make sure.

Allow your prints to settle for at least 15 minutes after printing.

After the allotted 15 minutes, place a sheet of white paper over the print. Try to use a standard paper. The paper acts as a sponge absorbing the outgoing gases from the printing process. Allow this procedure to continue on for twenty-four hours.

If the plain paper is crimped once removed, repeat the process for another twenty-four hours. If not, your image is ready for framing.

The purpose of this exercise? To be assured that you will not wasting a lot of time doing the printing all over again. Then you wouldn’t have to blame the printer.


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That IS solid advice!

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