Monday, January 02, 2006


How Much Mail Do You Have to Send to Get a Bulk Rate?

Fact: Two hundred items is the minimum number of mail pieces required to get the postal service bulk-rate discount.
But qualifying for a bulk rate is more complicated than that. Discounts vary according the exact quantity you are sending and the prep-work you do for the post office, and there are several other requirements to be aware of.
• All pieces must be put in the same category.
• Each mailing must contain at least 200 addressed pieces or 50 pounds of addressed pieces.
• The correct ZIP Code must be on each piece.
• All pieces must qualify as Standard Mail. Simply means no checks, bills or other material that must be sent as First-Class Mail.
• You need a permit or license to pay postage via pre-canceled stamps, permit imprints or meters.
• You must pay an annual bulk mailing fee.
• You must send the mail from the post office where you obtained the permit or license and paid the bulk fee.
• You must presort the mail.

Given these requirements, you ought to realize that you are better off using a mail house to fulfill the myriad postal requirements.


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