Friday, January 20, 2006


Clever questions to consider when buying a laser or an inkjet printer

Before making a grab at the first printer you see or the first printer that is being talked to you by any salesman, consider these things first. Here are a list of questions to ask about any printer, whether it is a laser or inkjet.

1. Paper handling. Can the printer handle envelopes, card stock or other odd papers you may want to use? How much paper can it hold at one time?

2. Duty Cycle. If you are in a high-volume environment, is the printer durable enough to keep up? What's its impressions-per-month rating?

3. PostScript. For heavy graphics, does the printer support the PostScript printer language?

4. Ink Cartridges - Are third-party cartridges or refill kits available?

What is the cost difference between these and manufacturer-labeled cartridges? In other words, what' is it going to cost you to feed it?

Do your homework well. And take note that cheap printers may and usually do cost more in the long run.
You have got to learn to feed them right.


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