Friday, January 20, 2006


Clever questions to consider when buying a laser or an inkjet printer

Before making a grab at the first printer you see or the first printer that is being talked to you by any salesman, consider these things first. Here are a list of questions to ask about any printer, whether it is a laser or inkjet.

1. Paper handling. Can the printer handle envelopes, card stock or other odd papers you may want to use? How much paper can it hold at one time?

2. Duty Cycle. If you are in a high-volume environment, is the printer durable enough to keep up? What's its impressions-per-month rating?

3. PostScript. For heavy graphics, does the printer support the PostScript printer language?

4. Ink Cartridges - Are third-party cartridges or refill kits available?

What is the cost difference between these and manufacturer-labeled cartridges? In other words, what' is it going to cost you to feed it?

Do your homework well. And take note that cheap printers may and usually do cost more in the long run.
You have got to learn to feed them right.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Finding Stats about Graphics Disciplines

Say goodbye to old styles of graphic art making. The modern way is here already and it looks like it is here to stay.
With the development of new and innovative software comes the capability of many people to do wonders to their printing and graphic designs. Used to be the task was something not everyone is too happy to go through. Now, it all can be done in a matter of minutes.
The demand before was for Los Angeles Digital Printing Services to serve the different needs. With people getting more independent and doing it themselves, competition is getting tighter and heavy.
For those who have budgets set aside for their printing and graphic design needs, it would be a good idea to check here.
For those who are not so privileged, try to stick at home and printing companies. Better than nothing.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Be nice and share your printers

Do you have only one printer but more than one computer?
If you have the computers networked together, you can enable printer sharing on the computer with the printer.
The only potential problem to be encountered is if the printer is not able to be used on a network. Most can be, but there are some that will still refuse to run.
What happens if computers are not networked together?
If they are not networked, you still have an option.
Most computer stores sell a switch box device that can be used to connect a single printer to several computers. Although this does not work every time, most of the time it does the trick. You should be able to get these switch boxes for well under $30.00.
A word of caution though. You may want to check your printer documentation to make sure that the switch box is safe for the printer in question. Not many problems are seen with using a switch box, but it never hurts to check.
Just to be on the safe side, of course…

Monday, January 09, 2006


The secret behind printing business cards online

Online, business cards are presented to you to create in a number of ways.

A magnetic card is ideal for your customers to keep on their refrigerators so they will not lose your number.

Color raised ink will make your company logo or your name stand out on a white background.

How about a metal business card that resists fading, scratching, or a plastic one? Business card templates can be business professional or be the ones that have clip art to choose from to give your business card an artistic edge.

LosAngeles Business card printing online is fast and easy.

It will give your business the card it deserves with a design that will give people a visual perspective of your business that may just set your business apart from other companies out there.

With a color business card, consumers can keep your card around after using your company’s services and then hold pass it along to someone they know who needs a service that your company offers.

Your business cards are like printed word of mouth that travels from one customer to the next.

Monday, January 02, 2006


How Much Mail Do You Have to Send to Get a Bulk Rate?

Fact: Two hundred items is the minimum number of mail pieces required to get the postal service bulk-rate discount.
But qualifying for a bulk rate is more complicated than that. Discounts vary according the exact quantity you are sending and the prep-work you do for the post office, and there are several other requirements to be aware of.
• All pieces must be put in the same category.
• Each mailing must contain at least 200 addressed pieces or 50 pounds of addressed pieces.
• The correct ZIP Code must be on each piece.
• All pieces must qualify as Standard Mail. Simply means no checks, bills or other material that must be sent as First-Class Mail.
• You need a permit or license to pay postage via pre-canceled stamps, permit imprints or meters.
• You must pay an annual bulk mailing fee.
• You must send the mail from the post office where you obtained the permit or license and paid the bulk fee.
• You must presort the mail.

Given these requirements, you ought to realize that you are better off using a mail house to fulfill the myriad postal requirements.