Monday, December 19, 2005


Know what it is you want your graphics to achieve and try experimenting.

This would be the advice I would give. Since the needed software are just there for the taking, there is really no need to rush from one to another without really having a definite idea in mind on what kind of graphics you want done.
Large graphics as well as smaller ones like brochures and catalogs sometimes have to be experimented on to finally arrive at a result that you want. Having a final and definite layout surely is convenient at times and I am not saying that is otherwise. Granted, it is not time consuming and you can conserve resources in the process.
Then again, what is wrong with trying out something new? Los Angeles Printing Company: Full Color Postcards Catalog Brochure tells you to show that creative part of you in your designs.
Try to put together these tips from the ones mentioned. See if the result is what you really want. If not, be patient. It will always turn out great in the end. Things do.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Laptop add-ons

Add-ons can make the difference between an inconvenient, frustrating mobile computing experience and a real boost in your productivity.
You probably could do without the heat given off by most hard-working yet helpful laptops. The Targus CoolPad eliminates "scorched lap syndrome" by raising the back edge of your laptop and increasing airflow. It also swivels, making it easy to share the display with someone next to you, say for a one-on-one presentation.
For red-eye flights and other low-light situations, the Belkin USB Retractable Light lights up your laptop's keyboard whether you are traveling or relaxing at home. It easily connects to your laptop's USB port and offers just the right amount of light for typing on a plane, taking notes in your car, or accessing data from the bed in your hotel room. It is really the perfect solution for working as you travel without disturbing people.
With the Targus USB Bluetooth Adapter, you can transfer files, synchronize your PDA and smartphone contacts and calendar with Microsoft Outlook. You can also use your phone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet or networks, connect multiple devices wirelessly to your PC, print from your phone or PC to a Bluetooth printer, fax from your PC through your smartphone, and much much more.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Being unique this christmas

Christmas is synonymous with gift giving and card exchanging. For those on a tight budget but still want to share the spirit of the season, they would rather opt to letter and card sending.

Most often than not, these things are losing their value and are just set aside as typical to be looked on later on spare time. Why not add some twist to these cards to make them much more special and unique?

How do you do it? Use a stamp to add a unique look. If you have been stamping for a while, you are probably familiar with this product. But if you are new to stamping you may have not had a chance to explore the possibilities this product can give to your projects.

Most craft stores will carry a few styles, but many internet sites carry almost complete lines of these products. The original Rollagraph, for example. It is about 1 inch from top to bottom and will create a design 7 inches long.

If you just hate the idea of signing your name over and over again, this would be the best choice. If you want to be unique this Christmas, this would also be the best choice.