Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Unusual business cards; the “in” thing

I am sure you have heard about what about what people are doing with their business cards nowadays. If you haven’t, let me do the honor…

Business cards are done non-traditionally. Simply means they are doing the not usual things that people used to do with these cards. For example, what used to be black ink on white paper stock is now the reverse; white ink on black paper stock. Unusual. Another step to attention-grabbing heights and long lasting impression, if you get what I mean.

Is unusual business cards a great idea? Maybe. In the already competitive world, everybody is clamoring for attention. What best to do it than to be different, very different. These cards will certainly get a good advantage when people see them printed on plastic, even glass, and other not-so-usual surfaces.

One thing though. Wouldn’t people have a hard time storing them if they will be too thick or too large to fit into their business card holders?

If printers like Los Angeles Business Card Printing and others specializing in business cards can make them that way, maybe they can also provide certain holders for them. Why not?


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