Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"Switch-A-View" printing

Xerox ( scientists have demonstrated an experimental color printing technology that allows them to print more than one image on top of another. But view only one at a time by exposing it to a specific color of light. It is the first time that alternating high-quality printed color images have been displayed by controlling the light.

This technology has turned conservative thinking upside down. The traditional challenge for color scientists is to design systems where the colors in printed images look the same whether they are viewed in incandescent or fluorescent light or by daylight. So Xerox researchers ordinarily seek ways to suppress variations in appearance.

The technique depends on specialized color management software and switching back and forth between different light sources. It also requires the use of any calibrated printer and what scientists call "a characterized illuminant" or the light from a specific, narrow wavelength band.

The technology grew out of the company's extensive investigations in color science, which account for nearly 40 percent of the Xerox research budget. Finally, success.


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