Friday, November 18, 2005


One design printed in many ways

If you are not so conscious of the costs that will be incurred when planning a brochure or any printed material, you would probably start it from scratch. Then as you go along the process of making them, you would probably just change what needed changing and revise what needed revising.
For those who want to have consistency and save costs in brochure printing, the best way to do it is to design a single document then simply change the elements that you think will vary from one point to another.
Remember that even one small change can get expensive if it will require all new printing plates for each language or other variation.
There are many design tricks you can employ to save more money when printing variations of the same job. You just have to know them or even create them yourself if you want to save some costs.
There are ways to retain your creative designs even if there are money-saving restrictions that you have to consider. It is not always the most expensive that is the better.


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