Monday, November 14, 2005


Green is synonymous with currencies

The use of the color green in the backs of currency has long been an issue and has been a source of inquiries in the Bureau. it is said that during the time of its introduction, green was readily available in large quantities. Not to mention its high resistance to chemical and physical changes.

Printing the same color today, using oil-based inks, it is not unusual for the color to strike through the opposite side of the sheet. It can therefore be concluded that the early notes used were printed in darker shade of ordinary green to make the tint strike through less obvious.

With more tools and equipments and with printing companies like, Los Angeles Printing Services rampant, it is a wonder why they still have not changed the color they use for currencies. Even though some colors and other facets have changed, notice that there are still green colors in some of them.

Seems that the practice is continued on until today. Some things never change..


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