Tuesday, November 29, 2005


At Home with Letterpress

Letterpresses are becoming extinct in the face of all the new techniques that can be done today and by the alternative means of doing the same kind the easiest way possible.

The process of doing letterpresses is an art that takes more than talent and skills and time. Like all art that takes time to make, people are already shifting away from this. Who wouldn’t when there are already easy means of making letterpress that are far more effective and time saving.

The article mentioned about the dying art of letterpress. Like all things that are getting extinct and passed over by time, the good advantages that people had with them are worth considering.

Nowadays, there are still a few remaining letterpresses being used by a few. But with the rapid way that things are going, they may be gone in the blink of an eye. Try comparing. Is it better with letterpress or without it?

Letterpress has permanence written all over it. And that is not something that people see much in the world today. Especially in printing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"Switch-A-View" printing

Xerox (www.xerox.com) scientists have demonstrated an experimental color printing technology that allows them to print more than one image on top of another. But view only one at a time by exposing it to a specific color of light. It is the first time that alternating high-quality printed color images have been displayed by controlling the light.

This technology has turned conservative thinking upside down. The traditional challenge for color scientists is to design systems where the colors in printed images look the same whether they are viewed in incandescent or fluorescent light or by daylight. So Xerox researchers ordinarily seek ways to suppress variations in appearance.

The technique depends on specialized color management software and switching back and forth between different light sources. It also requires the use of any calibrated printer and what scientists call "a characterized illuminant" or the light from a specific, narrow wavelength band.

The technology grew out of the company's extensive investigations in color science, which account for nearly 40 percent of the Xerox research budget. Finally, success.

Friday, November 18, 2005


One design printed in many ways

If you are not so conscious of the costs that will be incurred when planning a brochure or any printed material, you would probably start it from scratch. Then as you go along the process of making them, you would probably just change what needed changing and revise what needed revising.
For those who want to have consistency and save costs in brochure printing, the best way to do it is to design a single document then simply change the elements that you think will vary from one point to another.
Remember that even one small change can get expensive if it will require all new printing plates for each language or other variation.
There are many design tricks you can employ to save more money when printing variations of the same job. You just have to know them or even create them yourself if you want to save some costs.
There are ways to retain your creative designs even if there are money-saving restrictions that you have to consider. It is not always the most expensive that is the better.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Green is synonymous with currencies

The use of the color green in the backs of currency has long been an issue and has been a source of inquiries in the Bureau. it is said that during the time of its introduction, green was readily available in large quantities. Not to mention its high resistance to chemical and physical changes.

Printing the same color today, using oil-based inks, it is not unusual for the color to strike through the opposite side of the sheet. It can therefore be concluded that the early notes used were printed in darker shade of ordinary green to make the tint strike through less obvious.

With more tools and equipments and with printing companies like, Los Angeles Printing Services rampant, it is a wonder why they still have not changed the color they use for currencies. Even though some colors and other facets have changed, notice that there are still green colors in some of them.

Seems that the practice is continued on until today. Some things never change..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Unusual business cards; the “in” thing

I am sure you have heard about what about what people are doing with their business cards nowadays. If you haven’t, let me do the honor…

Business cards are done non-traditionally. Simply means they are doing the not usual things that people used to do with these cards. For example, what used to be black ink on white paper stock is now the reverse; white ink on black paper stock. Unusual. Another step to attention-grabbing heights and long lasting impression, if you get what I mean.

Is unusual business cards a great idea? Maybe. In the already competitive world, everybody is clamoring for attention. What best to do it than to be different, very different. These cards will certainly get a good advantage when people see them printed on plastic, even glass, and other not-so-usual surfaces.

One thing though. Wouldn’t people have a hard time storing them if they will be too thick or too large to fit into their business card holders?

If printers like Los Angeles Business Card Printing and others specializing in business cards can make them that way, maybe they can also provide certain holders for them. Why not?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Why vinyl banners are effective

Point made. The good vinyl banners can do to designers all tackled here.

Now let me see if I can enumerate why vinyl banners become the effective tool that they are.

1. Because of the versatility of these banners, people see them everywhere they go. Like what was said in the article, indoors or outdoors. I think there are even the types that does not get wet. Exposure that cannot be eliminated.

2. Vinyl banners are being turned by designers as masterpieces already. There is will never be a shortage of designs to use with these banners as long as there are creative designers out there.

3. Impact. The themes they used are one of a class. Patriotic themes are the most common ones. Makes one so proud seeing that flag in the background. Flags and other signs of patriotism really do have an effect on people, even if you see them quite often.

4. They are everywhere. Oh, did I mention them already?

What more to say? Piece of advice; look for a vinyl banner and see if that doesn’t grab you in one way or another.