Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Taking personalization to another level

Presenting Alphapicture with its capability to provide customized images that can be used to personalize email, web and print delivery projects.

The options include a professional looking image that can cater to the different styles that people want their print ads to be. With the millions of images all over the world, chances are every other thing that people choose will definitely be unique.

People may have already seen the personalization of cards produced by companies like Los Angeles Printing Company: Full color postcards catalog brochure. Not all though, just some.

Another thing that adds to the appeal of this software is that it appeals to the emotions that people find irresistible. Not to mention the perfect way to boost one’s morale and ego, form that matter. It is not all the time they see their picture and name on a postcard or a poster.

I would not be lying if I say that images can always say more than words can. Besides there are things that is difficult to express in words.

An image summarizes comprehensive and diverse thoughts into a single expressive picture. It has more tuck up in its rolled sleeves.


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