Monday, October 24, 2005


Originality in Logo Design

Ok so it is really the same thing, some minus the colors and the different names they are associated with.

One thing I noticed though is that the original logos that were copied were logos that are not that known. Maybe some never made it out in the open for people to see. So how come they were recopied in the first place?

Another question to ponder on is maybe those logos have been in some very hidden and difficult to find database. The reproducers may have thought that they were making a rebirth of some unknown design and that no one would find out. They were wrong, of course.

There may still be other cases out there same as the ones Mike Davidson in his article had mentioned in his article. Makes one wonder if there is really already a shortage in the logo creativity.

Is it the times or people not anymore capable of bringing out originality and lacking in creativity? Logo owners should achieve copyrights for their logos, no matter if it is not made public yet. Better that than being stolen.


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