Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Employee of the decade

Talk about being all that loyal to the company and remaining so after retirement from work.

A former HP employee have been collecting HP products for many years and now have a museum-like house full of HP memorabilia and other things which has the brand name written on it.

One of the main features of the collection are the machines that HP have had through the years, maybe even up to the time that Hewlett and Packard have started the business. People will see the different business machines that the company have developed over the years and the ones that made its own mark in the printing industry.

For the people who may want to see how the history of this company have evolved through the years, all they have to do is visit the museum to see the collection of antique to modern HP equipments. Did I mention that it can be found in Australia?

For those who are quite interested but cannot afford to go to that part of the world. Try checking it out here.


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