Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Digital asset management

Email marketing is a thing of the past already. If you think you are well ahead of others by using this strategy, you are not. Time to welcome digital asset management (DAM) (www.digitalmanagement.com).
For those who do not know it yet, digital asset management is the software used that enables to store and retrieve any type of files quickly. All files, words documents, design, spreadsheets and more. The advantage DAM over the others is capable of storing files on the server because it gives people more security. Secure environment for contents and the ability to share them.
The users can also perform full-text searches and take control over the many versions of asset that can be useful in their marketing campaign. If you ask the marketing professionals, you would be surprised at the bulks and number of files they are managing. Not to mention the number of searched they are capable of performing for a day.
Obviously this software is an effective way to make improvements in productivity. Yet another addition to the many existing marketing tools that people can use. Of course, a more consistent additional to mail boxes also.


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