Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Catalog printing and modern technologies

Catalogers are not cutting on prices, circulation and page count. It is business as well but with twists and turns to be able to keep up with the increase in postage and paper.

Many catalogers are avoiding tactics that printers have been doing to avoid costs in the catalog printing. Some are really not aware of this fact but there are others who are wise in the process.

New technologies have already come out for use in the printing industry. The availability of offset printing in the web sites is allowing printers to print more and more quality prints. Press times are shortened to make printing faster. These technologies are very advanced that the crews needed to run them are reduced.

There is also the fact that the binding process is easier nowadays. There are bindery equipments now used for both stitching and patent binding. Perfect binding, to be more specific.

This is catalog printing in the age of technology. With these advanced factors in the printing industry, looks like catalogs are here to stay for quite some time. No chance of them disappearing yet.


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