Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Becoming a writer/publisher - part 2

Publishing in the digital and internet age

Being a publisher and a writer has seen changes especially with printing becoming more

and more modern. Are their publishing needs taken to another level or is it slowly being
pushed down the drain?
Digital printing still has some good things to contribute to writers and publishers in terms
of the need for printing in bulks and in numbers. The print itself has become cheaper and faster. With short-run digital printing out fro grabs, why not?
There is also print on demand with specializes in dealing directly with the author.
From the beginning to the end.
There are downsides to the digital printing technology that these people are using now.
But with more advantages, no one is complaining.
David Lawrence is also aware of the fact that the more “practical” need to have
the best yet inexpensive printing process is maybe the answer to the competition
that seems to be famous to all. The internet. The capability to download whatever
book that is out and in hard-bound can make publishing extinct.


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