Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ask the right question first

Do you want to print text or images? This is the question to ask before buying a printer.

Upon choosing a laser printer, you have to know that there are things that this kind of printer can do. And there are also things that it is not so good at.

Laser printers draw crisper lines than inkjets and they cost less. If you want to print out large documents, this is the printer to use. For running and maintenance purposes, laser printers can be more cost-effective too.

One factor that these printers are not so good at is when it comes to printing photos. Although the images are printed fine, they do not really have the same quality and resolution that inkjet printers have.

Whether you want to a monochrome or color printer, a choice has to made carefully. Color printers can be very expensive to maintain and to use, of course.

Do not be attracted by the color printouts that you see from some printers. Chances are, you may never see them in your own printer once you purchase the same kind.


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