Monday, October 24, 2005


Art Unraveled part

Those artworks are a refreshing sight when you are used to seeing only Photoshop or digitally works of art. And here I was assuming that there are less and less of those kinds available today.

I especially liked that knitting part. It has always been a relaxing, though sometimes frustrating, form of art creation that has been quite famous in the past.

During those times, people will see knit creations in their best. Each one trying to outdo the other by thinking of new and innovative patterns to knit.

Don’t get me wrong but knitting in the modern world of today is synonymous with grandmothers sitting on a rocking chair. Books and movies made that impression famous and got everybody into thinking that way too.

No matter what they think about it, knitting is still an art form. A silent yet creative art that people do not get to see much today.

I am not lying when I say that if ever I stumble into a knitted work, I am amazed. I think of the time and effort put into it to achieve the end result. Guess that would be the usual reaction when seeing something beautiful yet very rare nowadays.


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