Friday, September 09, 2005


Traditional catalog business still fighting

Catalog printing businesses is having a run for its money as they compete with internet generated catalog sales. But the traditional businesses are not planning on accepting defeat yet. Studies have shown that 50 percent of readers are still being very much influenced by printed catalogs that made them go online to shop.

Instead of quitting catalog printing altogether, the owners are thinking of developing the circulation more and thinking of new methods of which to market catalogs. They are even planning on learning more about the customers buying habits to be able to know the pattern on which to plan their catalog sending.

The challenge in catalog printing is to determine where the sales are generated from the most. People have been influenced either by catalogs themselves, the internet and other form of advertising like television and radios.

With more sources for buying sprees, people are slowly drifting away from traditional methods and making them leave traditional to the traditions. Why not combine these two and be done with it? Maybe they just have not figured out how best to do it.


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