Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Toy cameras making good photos

Unlike their name, they are certainly not toys. And they can take pictures too.
Toycam Handbook, according to Susan B., was compiled by members of toycamera.com who are one into thinking that getting the perfect picture is not just about using expensive gears. This
seems to be the trend today. The more expensive, the better. So one day,
these members put their heads together and created a guide book into toy camera photography and tells of styles and techniques to make better pictures with toy cameras.
Plastic cameras are already being scorned. Too outdated for some who are already worshipping modern
tools and inventions. Why toy cameras if there are already cheaper cameras with which they can create anything?
Why not indeed.
First, people would not have to worry about scratching them and maybe back firing the instant it got wet. Second, not all have
modern software and gadgets needed for digital photo taking. And lastly, they are for that matter. Think of the fun you can get. Why not have fun while playing and taking pictures the old-fashioned way.
Printing companies like Los Angeles Printing Company: Full Color Postcards Catalog Brochure may
already be into modern things but there is really no harm in trying to go back to the basics.

Try it sometime.


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