Monday, September 19, 2005


Thinking before inking

One way of saving iks used for printing is to have someone like Los Angeles Printing Services do the priting for you. But first, think if the amount of money you will be spending is much or less the same as the amount you need to buy your own ink.

Another way of saving inks is to simplyh switch back from colored inks to black and white. Some people amy have enough resources to print in colors information they get from the net or it is just their vanity telling them to have an exact copy of what is there on the screen. Printing a recipe you have seen on the net does not have to be in colors. Pictures do not need printing if you only want others to see them as you have seen them. Why dont you just invite them over by your computer to take a peek?

Inkjet printers amy have lowered their prices more than half than the way it used to be but that still does not make colored printing a cheap hobby. Printing in colors is better off if they will be used later on or recycled for something more worthwhile. But if it spells thrash afterwards, black and white prints would be easier to look at being thrwon away than colored ones.

If the things mentioned above still do not make people save on ink, I have got another suggestion. Try not printing at all. Do some scribbling of your own. Can save you a lot, very sure about that.


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