Thursday, September 01, 2005


Terminator: The rise of the information age

We are in the midst of the information age. People have proclaimed that for years using every modern tool they can to justify its existence. The press has put that same point in every imaginable enterprise they can think of. Businesses are in loved with it and printing materials have taken its full devotion to it. There is no doubt today that to be bombarded with lots of information is not something to complain about. It is the trend and it is only right to follow it.

The information age has brought about anything that makes life easier, knowledgeable and complicated to. With this age are the people waiting for what would be invented next. Predicting is an old story; invention is the “in” thing now. These also includes people who are standing by to hear about “killer applications” and breakthrough in software that would suddenly pave its way into the market and replace the newest technology.

In printing, to invent some new techniques and tools is to be the leader and the best among the rest. Creativity is just an encore placing second to the gadgetries that men have the fortune to make. It would not surprise people if they suddenly found a poster that follows them everywhere they went. In the information age, nothing is impossible. Everything is visible.


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