Thursday, September 01, 2005


Rectangular over square ones?

If you were given a choice between a square or rectangular shaped television, what would you choose? Majority would choose rectangular ones. It reflects something that has more space and easy for the eyes to adjust to. Square ones are also good but it sometimes give the feeling of being upright compared to the lying down feeling of the rectangular one. If there is such a thing as an analogy in the shapes around us, rectangle gives a more comfortable feeling compared to square.

This may also be the reason why cards are being printed more on rectangle than square papers. This is just one of the reasons. The most common conception regarding the choice between these two shapes goes way back in the early days of paper production. In those times, paper was handmade. It also needs to be molded manually. These early paper makers found that it is easier to mold rectangular than square ones. Up until now, the tradition has kept the choice of using rectangular papers.

Psychology has also been added to the reasons of tradition. It seems that rectangle gives more relaxed feeling and if used in printing paper, the readers have the inclination to choose it over square ones. That is tradition. And feelings.


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