Friday, September 23, 2005


Publishing all throughout Rita

Some of the people in the places where Hurricane Rita is predicted to hit its hardest are not planning to just their place and go scurrying in some safe part. The publications are even setting up plans to try and keep the people informed by continuing on printing their newspapers day to day about the development of Rita. They are not only focusing on the printed material though. Most of their news will be put on web sites for much easier access.

The Galveston Daily News may have evacuated from its current location but they are not condescending defeat by just watching what happens when the hurricane strikes. Keeping on printing their news all throughout the duration of the storm is their prime purpose for the meantime. Very limited if compared to what they ordinarily do but hey, somebody has to keep records of history taking place.

When grave phenomenon like hurricanes strike, there is not much we can do about it. Instead of just trying to feel sorry and feel the devastation that it brings, doing something to help others be spared from the worst that can happen is a relief if you think about it.

Besides, you may want to just take some pictures and write something about it and be part of the history itself.


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