Tuesday, September 20, 2005


OV Materials Available: Posters, Banners, Pins, Invitations, Brochures, Voting Ballots – in Arabic, in English, in Hebrew, and in Russian

Other than english

Is this available only on that specific languages or are you also catering to others that are not mentioned there?
Real great to see that there is now a centralized market with regard to printing needs that is available in a certain place but has branches and services not focused on one specific country or dialect. People in the US are not solely americans and english-speaking people. A growing number that are already citizens are those that come from different countries. Having a printing service that is catering to their origins is something that they will be thankful for, I'm sure.
Most of the printing services are only using english as their basic language. Who wouldn't? Seems it is the universal language, understood by all. So having someone that can cater to the native language is a breather and a reminiscence of life and roots.
Other printing companies can learn a lesson or two from specialized printing services that are very rare. Resources are available now everywhere for styles and ways to go about it. Not to mention the varying people that can do the work.
Persons that came from other parts of the world would surely love this kind of printing service.


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