Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Online Photo Printing

Online printing services like Los Angeles Printing Services are giving yet another reason for people to use drug stores not only for medicine buying purposes. Would seem funny going into one and comingout with finished photos in your hands.
Nowadays, photos or paper works that are done using digital devices , from the processing right down to the finished product are all done digitally.
The online photo sharing service called Snapfish is the answer to ideas that have been implemented before about having to do your work online, finish it there and give directly to printers for online printing. Tom Sanders sited this in his HP's internet photo printing article.
Now that I thought about it, that was supposed to be documents. This is even better and faster.
Modern advances like this is really something, makes work easier. An aspect they have not thought about is it can make people fat and lazy. No need for foot works.
Just sitting in front of the computer or laptop and a short trip to the pharmacy is all it takes. Great technology not meant for the health conscious, if you ask me.


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