Wednesday, September 28, 2005


A guide to printing digital photograph

Pick one and use

I know I am not exaggerating if I say that everything that can make digital printing easier has been done and is continuously being done.
Bonusprint, Ofoto, Easyshare and Photobox are just some of the choices
people can choose from. The thing now is being toen amongst the many
choices compared to the days when people do not know what to do
with their printing because of no tools or no choice at all.

One thing that remains debatable and elusive, though, is quality.
There is always the question of the desired quality in printing.
This is oftentimes overshadowed by the convenience of the printing
process that is does not matter at all. If people think they gain more
by using these technologies, then why not? If the quality is acceptable
enough, then again, why not?

Jonathan Parkyn may have stated the different ways to go about
printing digital photos but he did not actually made a stand for or against it.
The printing and the printing process would still be up to the person and the choice they will make.

Besides, there is no harm in going back to the “old ways” of printing.
The way to do this is to just ignore modern technologies.
If you can…


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