Monday, September 05, 2005


Do disaster really matters?

The city is buried in the flood. Many people are dead. Some are hungry and scared to death. This should be the time for dedicating prayers and for helping. This also should be the time for all the people to be united in helping out those that are in need. But what this is not the time is for some to go into racial discrimination and issues of gender. This is actually what is happening as reactions were given about the way news is featured and the kind of people featured in them.

Commentaries made on television are edited because of the strong implications it gives it can give to the people. With television cutting off what others may think as a scandalous and bad publicity, the others are turning to print ads to let out their angst. Some printers are more considerate about sensitive issues and do not mind printing them out. Thus writing out opinions and just waiting for the bullets of negative comments later on. Makes you wonder if prints would be the cause of a disaster on its own.

Shouldn’t people focus on those who are suffering enough and not adding to their misery by making them think miserable thoughts and feeling sorry for their already sorry selves? Why not solve the current problems first before making another one on top of another?

You cannot really control the thoughts of the people. One way or another, opinions will be made based from simple things and natural disasters.


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