Friday, September 09, 2005


Decline can lead to extinction

Do people notice that other printed materials are declining in sales as with newspapers? Seems to be the trend today. Blame it on the internet among others.

People have been taken refuge in the internet for their needs like shopping, research and even reading about the latest news. Who can blame them when it is easier that way and not to mention, free of charge. The thing is, the readers do not get the convenience they get online compared to that of the printed materials.

Other reasons for the decline like John Burke stated are the neglect that the people in the newspaper industry are doing, focusing more on the editing part. The stuff may be feeling the pressure that is being brought to them, causing them to be idler than try out different strategies for improvement.

It is scary to think that traditional printing would decline more and more in the future and be extinct in the process. And to think, the younger generation would not even get to see them anymore. Or would it be too old-fashioned for them too?


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