Thursday, September 15, 2005


Canon snaps at Christmas rush with new cameras

For the Canon lovers out there

With more and more competitions, no wonder Canon
is getting in the roll of the way things are going. Targeting the Christmas season is a good strategy to start with.
The companies have its share of good camera technology
and I think developing most of them rather than thinking of newer
models would do be good things. There are still lots of people who prefer to use and stay loyal with Canon than with any other brand since it has already made a trademark in the photo industry from way back then.
Having these cameras compatible with their printers an additional advantage for those who are already using them. Iain Thomson also mentioned about the
simultaneously launching nine cameras all at the same time. Gives people the opportunity to choose which one will suit their photo needs best.
I am sure the Canon loyal would be glad with what the
company has in store for them. This news release is timely enough for the people to add these cameras to their shopping land maybe on their “all-i-want-for-christmas” lists.
And maybe I have just given them an idea.


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