Wednesday, September 28, 2005


A guide to printing digital photograph

Pick one and use

I know I am not exaggerating if I say that everything that can make digital printing easier has been done and is continuously being done.
Bonusprint, Ofoto, Easyshare and Photobox are just some of the choices
people can choose from. The thing now is being toen amongst the many
choices compared to the days when people do not know what to do
with their printing because of no tools or no choice at all.

One thing that remains debatable and elusive, though, is quality.
There is always the question of the desired quality in printing.
This is oftentimes overshadowed by the convenience of the printing
process that is does not matter at all. If people think they gain more
by using these technologies, then why not? If the quality is acceptable
enough, then again, why not?

Jonathan Parkyn may have stated the different ways to go about
printing digital photos but he did not actually made a stand for or against it.
The printing and the printing process would still be up to the person and the choice they will make.

Besides, there is no harm in going back to the “old ways” of printing.
The way to do this is to just ignore modern technologies.
If you can…

Friday, September 23, 2005


Publishing all throughout Rita

Some of the people in the places where Hurricane Rita is predicted to hit its hardest are not planning to just their place and go scurrying in some safe part. The publications are even setting up plans to try and keep the people informed by continuing on printing their newspapers day to day about the development of Rita. They are not only focusing on the printed material though. Most of their news will be put on web sites for much easier access.

The Galveston Daily News may have evacuated from its current location but they are not condescending defeat by just watching what happens when the hurricane strikes. Keeping on printing their news all throughout the duration of the storm is their prime purpose for the meantime. Very limited if compared to what they ordinarily do but hey, somebody has to keep records of history taking place.

When grave phenomenon like hurricanes strike, there is not much we can do about it. Instead of just trying to feel sorry and feel the devastation that it brings, doing something to help others be spared from the worst that can happen is a relief if you think about it.

Besides, you may want to just take some pictures and write something about it and be part of the history itself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


OV Materials Available: Posters, Banners, Pins, Invitations, Brochures, Voting Ballots – in Arabic, in English, in Hebrew, and in Russian

Other than english

Is this available only on that specific languages or are you also catering to others that are not mentioned there?
Real great to see that there is now a centralized market with regard to printing needs that is available in a certain place but has branches and services not focused on one specific country or dialect. People in the US are not solely americans and english-speaking people. A growing number that are already citizens are those that come from different countries. Having a printing service that is catering to their origins is something that they will be thankful for, I'm sure.
Most of the printing services are only using english as their basic language. Who wouldn't? Seems it is the universal language, understood by all. So having someone that can cater to the native language is a breather and a reminiscence of life and roots.
Other printing companies can learn a lesson or two from specialized printing services that are very rare. Resources are available now everywhere for styles and ways to go about it. Not to mention the varying people that can do the work.
Persons that came from other parts of the world would surely love this kind of printing service.

Brochures Online

Brochure-making convenience or what?
As the article pointed out, a limited number of travel agents are the
only ones given this service. What about the others who want to
get hold of this convenience. I am sure many would like to avail of
creating brochures onlines without the problem of having
to go through many different steps and processes.
I think the only thing that will be a problem if creating brochures online
would become too available is that there will be less and less originality in the appearance and designs of brochures. If the designers do not want this to happen,
the task of renewing and creating more and new designs would be put into their shoulders.
Then again, for this thing to be successful, that would have to be the solution.
As far as designers are concerned, there is no limit to what they can do and create.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Thinking before inking

One way of saving iks used for printing is to have someone like Los Angeles Printing Services do the priting for you. But first, think if the amount of money you will be spending is much or less the same as the amount you need to buy your own ink.

Another way of saving inks is to simplyh switch back from colored inks to black and white. Some people amy have enough resources to print in colors information they get from the net or it is just their vanity telling them to have an exact copy of what is there on the screen. Printing a recipe you have seen on the net does not have to be in colors. Pictures do not need printing if you only want others to see them as you have seen them. Why dont you just invite them over by your computer to take a peek?

Inkjet printers amy have lowered their prices more than half than the way it used to be but that still does not make colored printing a cheap hobby. Printing in colors is better off if they will be used later on or recycled for something more worthwhile. But if it spells thrash afterwards, black and white prints would be easier to look at being thrwon away than colored ones.

If the things mentioned above still do not make people save on ink, I have got another suggestion. Try not printing at all. Do some scribbling of your own. Can save you a lot, very sure about that.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Canon snaps at Christmas rush with new cameras

For the Canon lovers out there

With more and more competitions, no wonder Canon
is getting in the roll of the way things are going. Targeting the Christmas season is a good strategy to start with.
The companies have its share of good camera technology
and I think developing most of them rather than thinking of newer
models would do be good things. There are still lots of people who prefer to use and stay loyal with Canon than with any other brand since it has already made a trademark in the photo industry from way back then.
Having these cameras compatible with their printers an additional advantage for those who are already using them. Iain Thomson also mentioned about the
simultaneously launching nine cameras all at the same time. Gives people the opportunity to choose which one will suit their photo needs best.
I am sure the Canon loyal would be glad with what the
company has in store for them. This news release is timely enough for the people to add these cameras to their shopping land maybe on their “all-i-want-for-christmas” lists.
And maybe I have just given them an idea.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Decline can lead to extinction

Do people notice that other printed materials are declining in sales as with newspapers? Seems to be the trend today. Blame it on the internet among others.

People have been taken refuge in the internet for their needs like shopping, research and even reading about the latest news. Who can blame them when it is easier that way and not to mention, free of charge. The thing is, the readers do not get the convenience they get online compared to that of the printed materials.

Other reasons for the decline like John Burke stated are the neglect that the people in the newspaper industry are doing, focusing more on the editing part. The stuff may be feeling the pressure that is being brought to them, causing them to be idler than try out different strategies for improvement.

It is scary to think that traditional printing would decline more and more in the future and be extinct in the process. And to think, the younger generation would not even get to see them anymore. Or would it be too old-fashioned for them too?


Traditional catalog business still fighting

Catalog printing businesses is having a run for its money as they compete with internet generated catalog sales. But the traditional businesses are not planning on accepting defeat yet. Studies have shown that 50 percent of readers are still being very much influenced by printed catalogs that made them go online to shop.

Instead of quitting catalog printing altogether, the owners are thinking of developing the circulation more and thinking of new methods of which to market catalogs. They are even planning on learning more about the customers buying habits to be able to know the pattern on which to plan their catalog sending.

The challenge in catalog printing is to determine where the sales are generated from the most. People have been influenced either by catalogs themselves, the internet and other form of advertising like television and radios.

With more sources for buying sprees, people are slowly drifting away from traditional methods and making them leave traditional to the traditions. Why not combine these two and be done with it? Maybe they just have not figured out how best to do it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Toy cameras making good photos

Unlike their name, they are certainly not toys. And they can take pictures too.
Toycam Handbook, according to Susan B., was compiled by members of who are one into thinking that getting the perfect picture is not just about using expensive gears. This
seems to be the trend today. The more expensive, the better. So one day,
these members put their heads together and created a guide book into toy camera photography and tells of styles and techniques to make better pictures with toy cameras.
Plastic cameras are already being scorned. Too outdated for some who are already worshipping modern
tools and inventions. Why toy cameras if there are already cheaper cameras with which they can create anything?
Why not indeed.
First, people would not have to worry about scratching them and maybe back firing the instant it got wet. Second, not all have
modern software and gadgets needed for digital photo taking. And lastly, they are for that matter. Think of the fun you can get. Why not have fun while playing and taking pictures the old-fashioned way.
Printing companies like Los Angeles Printing Company: Full Color Postcards Catalog Brochure may
already be into modern things but there is really no harm in trying to go back to the basics.

Try it sometime.

Online Photo Printing

Online printing services like Los Angeles Printing Services are giving yet another reason for people to use drug stores not only for medicine buying purposes. Would seem funny going into one and comingout with finished photos in your hands.
Nowadays, photos or paper works that are done using digital devices , from the processing right down to the finished product are all done digitally.
The online photo sharing service called Snapfish is the answer to ideas that have been implemented before about having to do your work online, finish it there and give directly to printers for online printing. Tom Sanders sited this in his HP's internet photo printing article.
Now that I thought about it, that was supposed to be documents. This is even better and faster.
Modern advances like this is really something, makes work easier. An aspect they have not thought about is it can make people fat and lazy. No need for foot works.
Just sitting in front of the computer or laptop and a short trip to the pharmacy is all it takes. Great technology not meant for the health conscious, if you ask me.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Do disaster really matters?

The city is buried in the flood. Many people are dead. Some are hungry and scared to death. This should be the time for dedicating prayers and for helping. This also should be the time for all the people to be united in helping out those that are in need. But what this is not the time is for some to go into racial discrimination and issues of gender. This is actually what is happening as reactions were given about the way news is featured and the kind of people featured in them.

Commentaries made on television are edited because of the strong implications it gives it can give to the people. With television cutting off what others may think as a scandalous and bad publicity, the others are turning to print ads to let out their angst. Some printers are more considerate about sensitive issues and do not mind printing them out. Thus writing out opinions and just waiting for the bullets of negative comments later on. Makes you wonder if prints would be the cause of a disaster on its own.

Shouldn’t people focus on those who are suffering enough and not adding to their misery by making them think miserable thoughts and feeling sorry for their already sorry selves? Why not solve the current problems first before making another one on top of another?

You cannot really control the thoughts of the people. One way or another, opinions will be made based from simple things and natural disasters.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Terminator: The rise of the information age

We are in the midst of the information age. People have proclaimed that for years using every modern tool they can to justify its existence. The press has put that same point in every imaginable enterprise they can think of. Businesses are in loved with it and printing materials have taken its full devotion to it. There is no doubt today that to be bombarded with lots of information is not something to complain about. It is the trend and it is only right to follow it.

The information age has brought about anything that makes life easier, knowledgeable and complicated to. With this age are the people waiting for what would be invented next. Predicting is an old story; invention is the “in” thing now. These also includes people who are standing by to hear about “killer applications” and breakthrough in software that would suddenly pave its way into the market and replace the newest technology.

In printing, to invent some new techniques and tools is to be the leader and the best among the rest. Creativity is just an encore placing second to the gadgetries that men have the fortune to make. It would not surprise people if they suddenly found a poster that follows them everywhere they went. In the information age, nothing is impossible. Everything is visible.

Rectangular over square ones?

If you were given a choice between a square or rectangular shaped television, what would you choose? Majority would choose rectangular ones. It reflects something that has more space and easy for the eyes to adjust to. Square ones are also good but it sometimes give the feeling of being upright compared to the lying down feeling of the rectangular one. If there is such a thing as an analogy in the shapes around us, rectangle gives a more comfortable feeling compared to square.

This may also be the reason why cards are being printed more on rectangle than square papers. This is just one of the reasons. The most common conception regarding the choice between these two shapes goes way back in the early days of paper production. In those times, paper was handmade. It also needs to be molded manually. These early paper makers found that it is easier to mold rectangular than square ones. Up until now, the tradition has kept the choice of using rectangular papers.

Psychology has also been added to the reasons of tradition. It seems that rectangle gives more relaxed feeling and if used in printing paper, the readers have the inclination to choose it over square ones. That is tradition. And feelings.