Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Temporary blindness caused by sexy images

It is now known that blindness is not only caused some factors such as reading and writing in dim lights. Or being exposed to too bright surroundings or rays that can be harmful to the eyes. Or even medical explanations like genes and hereditary and all that…
Sexy images can also cause temporary blindness.
Studies have shown that erotic images can cause people to stop registering things afterwards or after they have seen these images. The mind has been known to become totally blank or just be focused on the images that concentrations on other things are put to rest or even forgotten. This may be the main reason why sexy billboards are banned from motorways. There seem to be a tendency for more accidents happening in the location where they are put than those where there are none. Try putting neutral and erotic pictures in front of men and asking them to name sequences after. It has been proven that they tend to be more accurate after a neutral picture than a sexy one. Blame it on temporary blindness.
Sexy images in advertising has been used and proven to be an effective one in advertising. Taking the favor of most men actually. Considering their number, they win hands down. With printing more realistic and almost life-like, it cannot be denied that temporary blindness is here to stay.

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