Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Making people find you for themselves

If you want to stand out from the rest, be different. That is the best thing to do. Being different makes you not so typical bordering to being an odd one from the evens. When people wanted some change, you give it to them.

Putting something about you in the most unlikely and places that people do not expect to find it is setting a fashion. A fashionable fashion. For example, glasses. People see glasses in places that they went. Restaurants, bookstores and cafes. One thing about those passing through them is they tend to look at the glass and themselves into them. Why not make them look at you too?Los Angeles Business Cards Online knows best how to get about it.

Etching to create frosted designs or carvings on a glass would do the trick. The process may be difficult, but the result would be worth it. People not expecting anything out of the ordinary would be surprised upon looking at the glass that there seem to be something in them and will have to take a closer look. See? Getting them to read you is not making it clear up front. You just have to add some creativity and a bit of a detective work for them.


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