Friday, August 26, 2005


Laser-based printing application

What more could be possibly contributed to smaller, faster and cheaper printing systems? Fiber laser and ultraviolet diodes that could be used in the computer-to-plate printing market.

Laser has long been a fixture in the printing industry. Some are already being used in the printing system to improve productivity in not anymore using the film-making process. Laser diodes, on the other hand are most common in desktop printing. based from studies, the marketing sales in the market using laser technologies in printing have doubled since it was first implemented.

Laser into printing has yet to penetrate the general part of the industry. The common reason for laser-based applications not being used by the majority is its price. Not all can afford the change in the process that needed to be done in order to use laser technologies. Only some of the larger printing houses with enough monetary capacity have this technology present in their system. The rest of the much smaller ones are untapped and with only a few laser systems available for printing purposes.

Fiber laser printing would be an effective and valuable technology for those who want to have a compact and long lasting print. Not all printing system can do that.


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