Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hydrophobic printers

The thing about printers is that they tend to become watery, accumulating dirt and affecting the printing result. Bottom line, all that will go wrong in the printing would be blamed on that or in the inks. Whatever the causes and the processes, the result is not always what you want it to be, no matter how much adjustments you make.

The most advanced two line printers that have been developed makes printer hydrophobic. It does not mean that printers run away at the sight of water. That would be animation and not real life. These two line printers make the liquid drift off easily, preventing any appearance of dirt that is the unknown culprit that affects the performance of the printer and the printing result.

If you think about it in another perspective, this would be netter appropriate for pharmaceutical and food companies that emphasizes sanitary in their products. What could be more suitable than having printers that lives up to their requirements in cleanliness?

For those who prefer best quality results combined with minimal dirt, two line printers would have to be their choice. If you are not very particular about these factors, then better stick to your old printer or get all your printed work done at LosAngeles Printing Company: Full Color Catalog Printing.


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