Monday, August 29, 2005


E-postcards toward an unrealistic future

As if not yet contented with online messaging and e-mailing, postcards have also been made electronic with e-postcards. The existence of e-postcards is something that makes corresponding even with persons on the other side of the globe, very easy and in just the click of the fingers. People can just choose from the many options available and will have a postcard for any occasion ready in a matter of seconds. Just like that.

If you are the emotional kind of person, getting one of these cards electronically is nothing special compared if you received one by mail. The effort and creativity on the part of the sender is not seen if not seen if they only had to flick some buttons to send you one. The thought that should be in line in sending these cards are eventually lost or not the same as they old-fashioned style in doing postcards.

The latest technology that we have today seem to border from meaningless to unrealistic. The process that have been perfected for years are flushed down the drain as there are already tools and equipments making the job easier for the people. Easier and insignificant.


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