Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Alternative to cards

When it comes to saving time and money, human beings have the tendency for improvisation. Having multiple uses for a single product can only be thought of by the creative minds that want to make the most of what they are doing. This is like killing two bird with one stone. Having a successful main purpose and a secondary trailing along but otherwise successful also.

In the past, business cards are only contact information. The contents mainly are names, addresses and contact numbers. Nowadays, more and more added information has been thought of to be put into these cards to serve the promotional and marketing needs of the person and company that use that card. More strategies have already been inputted in these cards and taking them into another level.

The only thing that has not been done with these cards is to serve as menu cards where different categories are shown for the readers to choose from. Or as a ticket and ID for transportation and entry purposes. Maybe detectives could even use business cards as spy gadgets to get criminals. Who knows?


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