Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Alternative to cards

When it comes to saving time and money, human beings have the tendency for improvisation. Having multiple uses for a single product can only be thought of by the creative minds that want to make the most of what they are doing. This is like killing two bird with one stone. Having a successful main purpose and a secondary trailing along but otherwise successful also.

In the past, business cards are only contact information. The contents mainly are names, addresses and contact numbers. Nowadays, more and more added information has been thought of to be put into these cards to serve the promotional and marketing needs of the person and company that use that card. More strategies have already been inputted in these cards and taking them into another level.

The only thing that has not been done with these cards is to serve as menu cards where different categories are shown for the readers to choose from. Or as a ticket and ID for transportation and entry purposes. Maybe detectives could even use business cards as spy gadgets to get criminals. Who knows?

Monday, August 29, 2005


E-postcards toward an unrealistic future

As if not yet contented with online messaging and e-mailing, postcards have also been made electronic with e-postcards. The existence of e-postcards is something that makes corresponding even with persons on the other side of the globe, very easy and in just the click of the fingers. People can just choose from the many options available and will have a postcard for any occasion ready in a matter of seconds. Just like that.

If you are the emotional kind of person, getting one of these cards electronically is nothing special compared if you received one by mail. The effort and creativity on the part of the sender is not seen if not seen if they only had to flick some buttons to send you one. The thought that should be in line in sending these cards are eventually lost or not the same as they old-fashioned style in doing postcards.

The latest technology that we have today seem to border from meaningless to unrealistic. The process that have been perfected for years are flushed down the drain as there are already tools and equipments making the job easier for the people. Easier and insignificant.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Laser-based printing application

What more could be possibly contributed to smaller, faster and cheaper printing systems? Fiber laser and ultraviolet diodes that could be used in the computer-to-plate printing market.

Laser has long been a fixture in the printing industry. Some are already being used in the printing system to improve productivity in not anymore using the film-making process. Laser diodes, on the other hand are most common in desktop printing. based from studies, the marketing sales in the market using laser technologies in printing have doubled since it was first implemented.

Laser into printing has yet to penetrate the general part of the industry. The common reason for laser-based applications not being used by the majority is its price. Not all can afford the change in the process that needed to be done in order to use laser technologies. Only some of the larger printing houses with enough monetary capacity have this technology present in their system. The rest of the much smaller ones are untapped and with only a few laser systems available for printing purposes.

Fiber laser printing would be an effective and valuable technology for those who want to have a compact and long lasting print. Not all printing system can do that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Making people find you for themselves

If you want to stand out from the rest, be different. That is the best thing to do. Being different makes you not so typical bordering to being an odd one from the evens. When people wanted some change, you give it to them.

Putting something about you in the most unlikely and places that people do not expect to find it is setting a fashion. A fashionable fashion. For example, glasses. People see glasses in places that they went. Restaurants, bookstores and cafes. One thing about those passing through them is they tend to look at the glass and themselves into them. Why not make them look at you too?Los Angeles Business Cards Online knows best how to get about it.

Etching to create frosted designs or carvings on a glass would do the trick. The process may be difficult, but the result would be worth it. People not expecting anything out of the ordinary would be surprised upon looking at the glass that there seem to be something in them and will have to take a closer look. See? Getting them to read you is not making it clear up front. You just have to add some creativity and a bit of a detective work for them.

Hydrophobic printers

The thing about printers is that they tend to become watery, accumulating dirt and affecting the printing result. Bottom line, all that will go wrong in the printing would be blamed on that or in the inks. Whatever the causes and the processes, the result is not always what you want it to be, no matter how much adjustments you make.

The most advanced two line printers that have been developed makes printer hydrophobic. It does not mean that printers run away at the sight of water. That would be animation and not real life. These two line printers make the liquid drift off easily, preventing any appearance of dirt that is the unknown culprit that affects the performance of the printer and the printing result.

If you think about it in another perspective, this would be netter appropriate for pharmaceutical and food companies that emphasizes sanitary in their products. What could be more suitable than having printers that lives up to their requirements in cleanliness?

For those who prefer best quality results combined with minimal dirt, two line printers would have to be their choice. If you are not very particular about these factors, then better stick to your old printer or get all your printed work done at LosAngeles Printing Company: Full Color Catalog Printing.

Temporary blindness caused by sexy images

It is now known that blindness is not only caused some factors such as reading and writing in dim lights. Or being exposed to too bright surroundings or rays that can be harmful to the eyes. Or even medical explanations like genes and hereditary and all that…
Sexy images can also cause temporary blindness.
Studies have shown that erotic images can cause people to stop registering things afterwards or after they have seen these images. The mind has been known to become totally blank or just be focused on the images that concentrations on other things are put to rest or even forgotten. This may be the main reason why sexy billboards are banned from motorways. There seem to be a tendency for more accidents happening in the location where they are put than those where there are none. Try putting neutral and erotic pictures in front of men and asking them to name sequences after. It has been proven that they tend to be more accurate after a neutral picture than a sexy one. Blame it on temporary blindness.
Sexy images in advertising has been used and proven to be an effective one in advertising. Taking the favor of most men actually. Considering their number, they win hands down. With printing more realistic and almost life-like, it cannot be denied that temporary blindness is here to stay.

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